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Being a true Christian is not about observing a religion, it is having a relationship with Jesus Christ. He speaks to us through His Word, we speak to Him in prayer: Always - Not just during church meetings or before meals, but in every occasion about the simplest of things. There are no details too small for God; there is nothing in our lives that is a big deal for Him. We need not wait until we can assume a particular posture in order to pray, God is omniscient and knows what we think so speaking to Him is as simple as directing our thoughts to Him. We should also be persistent in your prayers. The Lord will intervene if we have the right motive for what we ask (James 4:3).  Everywhere - The church has bemoaned the attack on prayer in public schools. But taking public, congregational prayer away does not take prayer away. The restricting of public prayer in schools is merely a symptom of a bigger issue, society turning further from God. Indeed, the Bible tells us that society will degenerate as the return of the Lord draws near (Matt 24:12, 2 Thess 2:3, 1 Tim 4:1-3). The most important kind of prayer we do is personal prayers (Matt 6:5-6). No one can take that from us. God wants us to exercise that right always & everywhere.