Vacation Bible School Tracts

VBS 2003

The Webmaster, Scott Huckaby, lead the Youth at Brazos Bend Baptist Church's Vacation Bible School July 28 through August 1, 2003.  Participatants created Bible tracts that are available below.  The following are the related resources for the BBBC Youth VBS "Bible Tract Art Project:"

.pdf file:

Bible Tract Listing

Printing - Hint on printing these double-sided tracts: print one side, place back in printer paper supply upside down, then print the other side.  Use 24 lb or heaver paper and print the discription side first (those with a lot of color go through the printer better that way).

Title (preview) Key Verse Author Download Tract (size)
Christ Never Changes Hebrews 13:8 Adam Black 2 pages – .pdf file: 228KB
God Created the World Colossians 1:16 Anthony Stringer 2 pages – .pdf file: 67KB
He Loved Us 1 John 4:10 Blake Taylor 1 page – .pdf file: 99KB
Peace and Love Romans 5:1 Brandon Taylor 2 pages – .pdf file: 62KB
Courage of the Heart Psalm 31:24 Brenna Crowson 2 pages – .pdf file: 69KB
Lord's Hands Psalm 46:1 Casey Kolar 2 pages – .pdf file: 127KB
Freedom John 8:36 Chase Smolik 2 pages – .pdf file: 80KB
Blessings of the Lord Psalm 23:5 Chezare' Durham 2 pages – .pdf file: 130KB
Peace Romans 5:1 C.J. Fink 1 page – .pdf file: 54KB
Trust and Reassurance Matthew 4:13 Cory Taylor 2 pages – .pdf file: 227KB
Things that taste bad... Psalm 23:8 J. J. Tucker 2 pages – .pdf file: 55KB
One Way 1 Timothy 2:5 Kacy Kellum 2 pages – .pdf file: 273KB
If you can believe... Mark 9:23 Kasey Ware 2 pages – .pdf file: 78KB
Conforming Romans 12:2 Lacey Wojcik 1 page – .pdf file: 74KB
Glory of God 1 Corinthians 10:31 Matthew Wojcik 2 pages – .pdf file: 57KB
Taste and See Psalm 34:8 Misha Horne 2 pages – .pdf file: 171KB
What is Important to You? Matthew 16:26 Paul Lee 2 pages – .pdf file: 166KB
The Ten Commandments Psalms 118:8 Rex Gupton 2 pages – .pdf file: 80KB
Sacrifice Matthew 16:24 Robert White 2 pages – .pdf file: 98KB
World Economic Growth Genesis 8:22 Scott Huckaby 2 pages – .pdf file: 56KB
Life's Great Questions Colossians 1:16 Scott Huckaby 2 pages – .pdf file: 109KB
One Nation Under God Psalms 33:12 Shanna Taylor 2 pages – .pdf file: 159KB

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