Our Work is Our Witness

by Scott Huckaby

Let's face it, we all have to work. Whether we get paid for it or not, there is always somebody we are accountable to for something we are expected to do. Even the President has to yield to public opinion and compromise with Congress in order to accomplish anything. If you think you can get away from having a boss by being in business for yourself, think again, your customer is your boss.

As Christians, we know that there is more to our work than keeping our boss or bosses happy so we can keep on working. Those of us who know we are saved by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ are looking beyond this existence. We are not just working for our boss in the world, we are working for the Lord.

Paul tells us, "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving" (Colossians 3:23-24). God has given all of us a wonderful opportunity to amass spiritual riches during our earthly life that will pay dividends for eternity. We have the choice to live our life for the Lord and enjoy the rewards for eternity or see our worldly accomplishments burned up (1 Corinthians 3:12-15).

One who is truly working for the Lord will do everything they do with the highest degree of excellence. This means consistently exceeding expectations for productivity, quality, and integrity. For this reason, it is important for all of us to clearly understand the scope of our responsibilities and make sure that those expecting things of us understand them as well. This doesn't mean we should limit ourselves to the point of not being challenged but a simple recognition that we can not do everything. God does not want us to take on everything but make best use of the gifts with which He has endowed us, see Romans 12:6-8.

Part of our spiritual growth is discovering the gifts God intends for us to use. Many people find themselves in jobs they can not excel at no matter how hard they try. There is no way for a person to consistently excel if they are not working according to God's will for them. So it is important to continuously seek God's will by learning more about Him through prayer and Bible study. There is nothing sweeter to a Christian than to be given an opportunity to praise the Lord for doing a good job.

Beyond any doubt, the most important work we can do in this life is recognize the work Jesus Christ did for us on the cross: "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life" (John 3:16). Acknowledging that you need Jesus in your life is the beginning of all wisdom (Proverbs 9:10).

We all have to do work we wish we could avoid. But if you have the right attitude about it, drudgery can become pure pleasure. Having a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ is the first step and learning more about Him as a member of a Bible-believing Church helps us all grow closer to God. If you are not an active Church member, I'd encourage you to give it a try and see for yourself how God can work in your life.