Global Warming

by Scott Huckaby

Have you ever wondered why extreme weather seems to be on the increase? Many think it's because of global warming. Those who study the Polar Regions have been raising alarms that the ice fields are shrinking. But global warming is controversial because the average temperature of the planet really has not changed much.

Those who insist that global warming is occurring say that mankind is the cause due to the greenhouse effect from increasing carbon dioxide. Others oppose this because of the economic ramifications citing the average global temperature data.

I'd like to share a theory with you that explains why the polar ice can shrink without the average temperature of the planet having to change. This theory is based on what the Bible tells us about creation. If our Creator is truly almighty and desires a personal relationship with each of us as He claims, then we should expect the Bible to be consistent with unbiased scientific evidence.

Those who say that the activity of man is to blame for the shrinking polar ice assume conditions on earth have been in a steady state for millions of years. I believe that the bulk of the polar ice was formed suddenly at a catastrophic event. The shrinking polar ice is the result of the Second Law of Thermodynamics being played out on a global scale. You may recall that the Second Law of Thermodynamics says that entropy increases, or that the energy in a closed system becomes more dispersed over time. If the polar ice was formed suddenly, its existence is not the natural state and we should expect polar temperatures to rise as global temperatures become less polarized.

The Bible describes a time when conditions on earth were very different than today. Dinosaurs roamed the planet, people lived to be hundreds of years old, and it did not rain. All this changed with a worldwide flood. The Bible does describe dinosaurs… the behemoth in Job 40:15-18 had to be a dinosaur because its tail was compared to a cedar. And this was no central Texas cedar; when the Bible refers to cedars, they are always huge trees.

I do believe that mankind was on the earth at the same time as dinosaurs. Fossils of human and dinosaur foot prints have been found in the same rock strata in many places and I have personally seen this on the Paluxy River about 40 miles Southwest of Fort Worth, Texas.

There are a lot of theories as to what happened to the dinosaurs… Some think dinosaurs just couldn't compete with mammals, others think that the dinosaurs' lack of intelligence led to their demise, but the Bible tells us what really happened…

In the beginning, God created our world out of nothing (Genesis 1:1-2). The earth was originally created with an atmospheric layer of water vapor called a firmament in the Bible (Genesis 1:7). The water vapor canopy kept temperatures uniform across the planet so it did not rain. This dense water vapor layer compressed the air beneath resulting in a higher atmospheric pressure than today. It also diffused the solar radiation so that temperatures were moderate everywhere across the globe. This facilitated the growth of more plant life than we have today resulting in a higher oxygen content. Thus, the atmosphere was like a gigantic hyperbolic chamber which hospitals use to accelerate healing. This helps explain how people could live longer than they do today.

Over time, centrifugal force caused the water vapor canopy to mass over the equator so that there was a thinner vapor barrier at the poles. At the worldwide flood, most of the water in the vapor canopy precipitated down to the earth causing the vapor barrier to break up (Genesis 7:11). Since the vapor barrier was thinner at the poles, it broke up there first. The high pressure air venting through the vapor barrier at the poles caused a dramatic cooling effect, thus forming the polar ice. This is how air conditioners and refrigerators work… a rapidly expanding gas results in cooling.

After 40 days of rain, the earth was covered in water (Genesis 7:19). Eventually, the flood subsided leaving conditions on earth as we know it today (Genesis 8:14).

The rapid formation of polar ice is supported by evidence such as the discovery of mammoths that were frozen so quickly that some still had food in their mouths. Also, explorers in Antarctica routinely report seeing tropical vegetation frozen in the ice crevasses.

There is a lot of evidence that the earth is not really as old as evolutionists would have you believe. For example, we know how much silt has been deposited in the Gulf of Mexico by the Mississippi River. We also know how much is deposited on average each year so simple math tells us how long this process has been going on… It is on the order of 5,000 years, not the multi-millions of years that evolutionists would have you believe.

You may be thinking that rock dating proves the earth to be multi-millions of years old but you need to understand how rock dating works. All rock dating techniques make assumptions as to how much radioactive material was originally in rocks. And no one knows what this is! Rock dating has declared lava rocks to be millions of years old in cases where their age is known to be only a 100 years old from the history of the volcano eruption that formed them.

Carbon-14 dating is limited to once-living matter but is significantly more reliable than rock dating. No assumptions need to be made because the amount of Carbon-14 originally in the matter is known from living organisms. Fossil fuels are the oldest once-living matter on earth. You may be amazed to learn that Carbon-14 dating reveals oil and coal to be only thousands of years old, not millions of years as evolutionists would have you to believe.

Well, I hope that I have given you reason to question the conventional wisdom about global warming and our origins as well. These are important issues that have far-reaching implications. If you'd like to delve deeper into this topic, I'd encourage you to consider my essays on The Young Earth and When the Sky Fell.