The Logic in God's Plan

by Scott Huckaby

As a new creature in Christ (1), God's plan for mankind seems so logical to me. Sometimes it amazes me that the unsaved can't see it but the Holy Spirit has opened my heart to Him and that's why it's so clear (2). Most unsaved people don't even realize they are rebelling against God (3).

I find it uplifting to meditate on the Lord's divine logic (4). As a completely hypothetical mental exercise, try to take God's perspective. Of course none of us are qualified to do this (5) but learning about Him helps us be more like Him (6). So, just for fun, what would you do if you were omnipotent (7), omniscient (8), omnipresent (9), and found yourself in the conditions described in Genesis 1:2? You'd start by creating beings in your image to fellowship with and a place for them to live (10).

You would want friends who recognized your authority and followed you (11). But they'd be given a free will to chose you (12) for a personal relationship as in the case of true friends (13). The problem with a free will is that it is a two-edged sword. Not only will beings with a free will chose to be your friend, there will be those who reject you (14). Since they are your creations (15), you know which of them will respond in your favor and which will not (16). Those against you would be banished from your presence and condemned to eternal punishment (17). Why eternal punishment (18)? What better everlasting reminder to your friends of your amazing grace to them (19).

You'd institute a period of testing to identify your friends from your enemies (20). And you'd even create a special being with limited powers that you know would rebel but still serve your purpose in leading astray those who would not be your friends (21). Since all are your creations, you would not want any to perish (22) but this is necessary for the greater glory you'll have from your friends who come to know the truth (23).

Your grace would be demonstrated to mankind through revealing your righteous standard to them (24). Those who would be your friends would come to know that without your grace, they would be lost (25). A special people would be chosen to bring your message to the world as long as they followed you (26). There would be prophets in which the people would know spoke for you because of the miracles they performed and their foretelling the future (27) which only you know (28). You'd have no reason to lie to them because you've defined the truth (29). Many would reject you even though they see fantastic feats (30) but this is all part of the process of identifying your friends (31) and those who deserve special rewards (32).

Your grace would extend so far as to visit the people you created in their world to tell them the truth in person (33). Your love for them would be demonstrated by suffering the ultimate sacrifice for their sins (34) then returning in a permanent body like the one you will give them so that they might have a blessed hope (35). Would you come as an conquering hero by the world's standards to give this message? No, God can do all things (36) so what better way to show mankind you identify with them than by assuming the station of a lowly servant (37)?

You wouldn't leave your friends alone but indwell them with your Holy Spirit (38) to give them a head start on fellowship (39) with you while they are still in the world. You'd give them a means to identify your truth through a reference document (40) that your Holy Spirit helps them understand (41). You'd speak to them through this document and by planting thoughts in their mind that draw them in the direction you'd have them go (42). Their faith would grow through subtle circumstances, coincidences that are too unexpected to be random, and your answering their prayers that are consistent with your will (43). With free choice, some will follow you and some will not (44). But even the exercise of man's free choice can not keep an omnipotent God's will from being done (45).

How would you end this period of testing? Remove your friends from the world (46) and show everyone that if they are left to their own devices, they'd make a mess of things (47). Then return in glory as the conquering hero you are to put things in order and keep the promises you made through the prophets of your chosen people (48). To conclude this period, you'd re-create the world (49) and provide a permanent home for the faithful to enjoy your fellowship forever (50).

The world believes there are many paths to life after death if it exists at all. If the "many paths" hope is true, Christians will be there as well. However, if Christians are right and the only way to have eternal life is through Jesus Christ, then those who are betting their eternal lives on "many paths" are headed to hell (51). Why can't they see it? (52) They see tolerance as the ultimate good yet are mercilessly intolerant of things they see that are in opposition to their philosophy. Don't they see the dichotomy? Thank God for His logic!

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